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tammywhoknows started this conversation
I have been the caretaker of the whole family all my life. I recently took care of my grandmother with Alzheimer's for 6 years. She pasted June of last year. My Mom has Dementia I just can't go thought another one. My son (29 years old) is in stage 4 kidney failure and diabetic and other medical problems. My Father in North Carolina, just had his left lung and 3 ribs taken out, from lung cancer. My point is, because of me taking care of all of them, rushing to North Carolina, taking everyone to appts. all the time I have lost my 3500.00 month paying job, my house, sold everything I have, except what was dear to me and put in storage, I moved my Mother into her own apartment my son is staying with his Nana, because he could care less about his health, and now I have no where to go. I just need a head start. I am a great cleaner, great cook and a excite helper. I have my own transportation. I need to get back on my feet again, and find a job and a new place to live.
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